Research interests: cooperative information systems, e-services, information systems design, mobile information systems, service and information quality:


  • Current and recent research projects
  • Other projects
  • ECO2Clouds: Experimental awareness of CO2 in Federated Cloud sourcing (EU FP7 STREP, 2012-2014)
  • GAMES: Green Active management of Energy in IT Service centers (EU FP7 STREP)
  • S-Cube: The Software Services and Systems Network (EU FP7 network)
  • WS-Diamond: Web-Service Diagnosability, Monitoring, and Diagnosis (EU FP6 FET-STREP project )
  • Tekne, MIUR FIRB 2005 Project, Basic Research
  • Quadrantis: Quality of service, Diagnosis, Reaction, Assessment Techniques in Information Systems, Progetto MIUR PRIN, Basic Research
  • DISCORSO, Progetto MIUR FAR, Applied Research
  • EasyLog, Progetto MIUR FAR, Applied Research
  • MAIS: Multichannel adaptive information systems (FIRB MIUR 2001 Project, 2002-2006, Basic Research)
  • SENSORI (Progetto MIUR Industria 2015)

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